So Far, So Good…

Well it’s been about a week into Anatomy and I’m not wailing to God for mercy or anything…so I guess I’m doing alright so far. Don’t get me wrong though, the amount of info that we’ve been force-fed has been pretty intense. Just this past week alone, I’ve had nine lectures, two 4-hour learning sessions, a learning lab where we learned to read cell cultures and two 3-hour anatomy labs where we actually started dissecting cadavers. Like, bishhh what? Not to mention that for every lecture we have, it takes me AT LEAST an hour and a half to get through it. So I’ve been pretty much studying all day everyday. I can literally name almost all of the muscles we all have in our backs, tell you where they are, and how they work. I can also tell you what our spinal cord is made up of, how our nerves generally work, and the steps that an embryo takes to develop. Shit’s crazy. I just took a couple study breaks for my birthday yesterday (Yay me.), and one today to check out the VMAs. I ended up watching Miley host the show pretty much naked, Nicki Minaj cuss out Miley Cyrus on national TV, and Kanye give a TED Talk only to end it with his 2020 presidential bid. This is why I don’t watch TV. I will admit that I had a blast watching Kanye go on one of his thoughtful, unorganized rants. (HAHAHAHA.)

But yeah, it has been an intense week. But I’m feeling alright, and not too stressed out at all. I wish I could say the same for some of my classmates, but we all have our own ways with dealing with challenges, right? I just pray to God I stay this calm about the rest of this Anatomy block and these next four years…I just don’t see the point of panicking and worrying that you won’t be prepared for the tests you’re gonna have to take whether you’re ready or not. If you make it to medical school, then you’re more than capable of doing just fine there. We were all picked for a reason, so why not show the admissions team that you deserve to be there? Its all about your mentality and your perspective…if you truly want to excel, you’ll excel. You’ll do whatever you feel is necessary to attain your goals and you’ll make it. I can’t tell you how or when, but if your desire is strong enough, you’ll make it, TRUST ME. That goes for anything you want to achieve in life, not just passing a medical school test or even just getting into medical school. On the other hand, if all you can think about is how unprepared you’ll be for the test or how much you don’t deserve to get into a medical school of your choice or how much your day is going to suck, you’ll have a pretty shitty time. You are what you think, your thoughts are your energy, whether they be positive or negative. Your thoughts determine your attitudes, which in turn catalyze your actions.

It’s really that simple.

Or maybe I’m delusional.


That’s just how I think and what I believe. It’s been working for me, and I hope someone out there can take this and find peace with themselves and their environment around them. And after finding that harmonizing peace, I hope that person finds a way to fulfill his or her desires. The universe has a way of making things for work for those who really desire to have something happen. Call me crazy, but I’m going to be busy fulfilling my desires and I REFUSE to let any damn tests stand in my way. ( That was also a diss to that hellhole that was the MCAT t(-_-t)    )

–  Black Man, M.D.

Anatomy Starts Tomorrow…HERE WE GO!!!

So I was actually gonna scrap this whole blog thing…I’m just not used to doing anything like this and it was kind of weird. But I’ve always been about stepping outside of my comfort zone and getting comfortable being uncomfortable, especially since I’m gonna have to learn how to get comfortable with the insanity of medical school…so here I am. I guess I’ll just use this as a way to clear my head and to reflect on my experiences. Who knows, maybe someone will actually take a thing or two from my experiences and use them to better their own life in some way…

But the fact that I finally get to start Anatomy tomorrow…it’s pretty wild. I technically started school three weeks ago, but here at Wake they had us go through this three-week transition program called LAUNCH. It stands for:

(Learning strategies, Acclimation to medical school & medical profession, Understanding oneself & others, New ideas, words & concepts, Careers in medicine, Healthy living).

I thought that it was a pretty cool concept and I got to learn a hell of a lot from not only my new classmates, but from faculty that came to talk to us about their careers and how to stay healthy throughout medical school while getting adjusted to my new home in country-ass Winston-Salem. It sure as hell ain’t no Miami…but it’s all good, I’m getting used to it. The beach may be four hours away, but its only an hour or so drive to the good ol’ mountains. You probably won’t see my ass out there though. My class is also more diverse than I thought it was going to be, which is always a good thing. I’ve also already had two patient interactions since I got my white coat! I don’t know a damn thing though so I was just in there smiling and nodding and asking real vague questions, but it was still cool to talk with patients and all. LAUNCH was a pretty cool experience and although some of my classmates may think otherwise, I feel like we’ll appreciate what we learned as time goes on.

LAUNCH also gave me time to mentally prepare for anatomy and the craziness of medical school that I’ve been hearing so much about. Mannn as a matter of fact, people have been talking about being scared and all about it, but I’m just here like “Bring it! It ain’t nothing but some bones and meat…Like, I know my damn body!” Sure I may be a little delusional but I feel like it’s better to be confident than to be nervous and timid…because either way, anatomy ain’t going anywhere. I gotta deal with it if I’m tryna earn my M.D. Like I said in my last post, I plan on kicking some ass in anatomy and in medical school in general soooooo that’s what I’m gonna do. It’s not gonna be easy, but if it was, everyone would be a doctor right?

– Black Man, M.D.