Black Men In White Coats III

Black Men In White Coats” is a short documentary series presented by DiverseMedicine whose purpose is “to increase the number of Black men in the field of medicine by exposure, inspiration and mentoring”. Inspired by the 2013 AAMC report that informed the nation of the decreasing number of Black male applicants to medical school, DiverseMedicine partnered with various medical schools across the nation and created these short documentary videos in order to bring about awareness of this concerning issue. I would like to thank Dr. Dale Okorodudu and the rest of the DiverseMedicine staff for making this documentary series a reality and for continuing to inspire & motivate people who desire to make something out of themselves! Enjoy and take in all the inspiration radiating from these remarkable men!

Episodes 1-5

Episodes 6-10

Episode 11: Dr. Stanley Frencher, Jr.

Episode 12: Dr. Olawale Amubieya

Episode 13: Dr. Dale Okorodudu

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