Christy Taylor


Hometown: Miami, FL

Name of Undergraduate Institution: University of Miami

Major(s)/Minor(s) in College: Biology/Chemistry

Name of Medical School: University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Favorite Quote: “I have held many things in my hand and I have lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God’s hands, that I still possess.”

Where are you currently at in your career path and why did you decide to pursue this career path?

I’m currently a first-year medical student at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

If you could go back and have a chat with your naïve college freshman self, what would you tell her?

I would tell my younger self not to give up, to be patient, and to stay optimistic. Hard work does not go unnoticed, but it’s important to remember that the “reward” you are seeking will not appear overnight. Maintaining a positive attitude especially during the rough times, perseverance, and patience are key.

What advice would you give to someone looking to pursue a similar path as yours?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! The process of becoming a healthcare professional can be a long and arduous one. Having guidance on this journey makes a difference. For those who want to become physicians, a pre-health advisor, current medical students and physicians you may have shadowed are just a few great resources. Hearing from them not only provides invaluable advice, but also eases some of the fears regarding the process. For those who want to become nurses, physical and occupational therapists, physician assistants, pharmacists, etc. (sorry for not naming all the professions!), this applies to you as well! ALWAYS ask for help!

Do you have another professional degree? If so, how has it impacted you?

I earned my MPH before going to medical school. I’m so thankful that I decided to pursue this degree! Public health is deeply intertwined with medicine. I believe that having expertise in both areas will allow me to become a knowledgeable, compassionate physician who not only provides care that treats illness, but also addresses the challenges that patients may face on the road to good health.

What advice would you give to someone getting ready to start their application process to medical schools?

Starting early helps! That way, you have the time to perfect your application without feeling pressured or rushed to turn it in before the deadline. I would say that starting at least 2 or 3 months before the deadline is good although if you feel so inclined as to start earlier, go for it! I would also suggest letting someone with experience read over your application. Be open to feedback! Although it can be difficult to hear constructive criticism, having a different perspective can work to make your application stronger. With that being said, you still want to ensure that your application is a reflection of your true self, thoughts, and aspirations; do not lose sight of that when making revisions.

What do you like to do for fun?

For fun, I like to do yoga and running. I also like to take naps when I have the chance (it’s important to be well rested)! Community service has become a great passion of mine over the last few years. A few times a month, I try to volunteer in different areas within Pittsburgh. It gives me the chance to learn a little more about the community and the people who reside in it while motivating me to learn as much as I can while in school so that I can provide a different form of help in the future as a physician.

Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing some of yourself with us Christy! Your sound advice is greatly appreciated and will surely be utilized by many students looking to enter the field of healthcare!

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Posted on February 8th, 2017

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