Ludonir Sebastiany


Hometown: Miami, FL

Name of Undergraduate Institution: Florida State University

Major(s)/Minor(s) in College: Major: Biology; Minor: Chemistry

Name of Medical School: Florida State University College of Medicine

Favorite Quote:Be your best until you are the best.” – Dad

Contact Information: IG @dr.ludo

Where are you currently at in your career path and why did you decide to pursue this career path?

I’m currently a 3rd year medical student and I chose to pursue medicine because of several influential factors in my life. The biggest influence was watching and caring for my grandmother who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Standing by her side and holding her hand after each bout of chemotherapy and radiation treatment softened my heart to the idea of medicine. Furthermore, after witnessing the aftermath of the 2010 Haitian earthquake unfold on television, I was inspired by Dr. Sanjay Gupta depicting the stories of countless displaced and injured Haitians and my purpose became clear; pursue medicine.

If you could go back and have a chat with your naïve college freshman self, what would you tell him?

Don’t do it! Just kidding, not really, but yeah. Buckle down bro, because this isn’t a sprint, but a marathon. While everyone is out having fun, getting loose, turning up, getting pregnant, you are going to be sheltered from all that stuff so that you can do phenomenal things in the future. One day you will look back and thank God for the 2 foreign whips you have in the driveway and your lack of baby mamas.

Do you have any passions outside of school? If so, what are they?

Traveling, Sports, Entrepreneurship & Networking.

What do you like to do for fun?

Working out, Eating & Boating.

How have you been able to deal with your romantic relationship and medical school at the same time?

It’s hard! Throughout medical school, I have been in long distance relationships which allowed me the time to focus on coursework but also provided support among other things between exams. Long distance relationships during medical school were great because I was able to screen out women who demanded too much of my time. It takes a special woman to be a “doctor’s wife.” Not everyone who says they understand the commitment and dedication a student-doctor must have really means it, so be careful.

In regards to dating, what kind of qualities are you looking for in someone?

A woman who is gorgeous and knows how to hold her own in a conversation in a room full of doctors, yet someone who is kind, selfless, loving, and supportive.

What were some of your involvements in college? Have those involvements helped you in any way in professional school?

FSU Football Player. It has made me great at time management and helped me establish a work-life balance.

Who are some of your favorite musicians? Favorite books? Shows? Movies?

Musicians: Gucci Mane, Boosie, Kanye, ShyGlizzy.

Book: Brave New World.

Show: Love and Hip Hop.

Movie: Training Day.

Awesome! Thanks a ton for your words of wisdom Ludo! We appreciate you for allowing us to get a glimpse of your life!

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Posted on November 10th, 2016

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