Kirsten Battles, M.D.


Hometown: Valdosta, GA

Name of Undergraduate Institution: University of Georgia

Major(s)/Minor(s) in College: Exercise and Sports Science

Name of Medical School: Wake Forest School of Medicine

Residency Program: Wake Forest School of Medicine Anesthesiology

Favorite Quote: “Everything that you are going through is preparing you for what you asked for.

Contact Info

Additional Links: IG: @kirtyb_md

Where are you currently at in your career path and why did you decide to pursue this career path?

I am currently an intern in my four-year categorical anesthesiology residency program. I decided to pursue a career an anesthesiology after many years of shadowing. My favorite subjects in medical school were pharmacology and physiology. I also love doing procedures. Anesthesiology was the perfect fit for me.

If you could go back and have a chat with your 1st year postgraduate self, what would you tell her?

Be patient. I came directly to medical school from undergrad. I often felt like I was missing out on life when I compared my day-to-day activities to those of my friends from college. I was always in a hurry to be done. Done with class. Done with studying. Done with an exam. I wish I had taken the time to enjoy the process and the many interesting things we were being taught.

What is a major challenge you have had to overcome and how did you do so?

The most difficult part of medical school and the first few months of residency was demonstrating confidence in myself. I consistently doubted myself. Eventually, I learned to relax and trust myself. That doesn't mean I think that I'm always right. I just realized that if I'm wrong, I can learn. If I'm right, then my medical school tuition wasn't a waste. Either way, I can be confident that I'm becoming a more competent physician.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

The conversations with my patients make the misery of intern year worth it. There are many days where patient care is chaotic and time consuming. It's very hard to make time to get to know my patients. Nothing makes me happier than spending moments learning about my patients personal lives. They enjoy talking with their physician just as much I enjoy listening. Although I'm not going to a specialty with continuity of care, nothing makes me happier than when my patients ask if they can follow up with me.

What do you feel makes your specialty stand out from other specialties?

Anesthesiologists are the common thread between medicine and surgery. We have to align treatment plans made by surgeons with the medical management of internists. There aren't many other specialties that have to transition between those two perspectives so frequently.

Thank you for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to share a bit about your journey with us Dr. Battles! It is very much appreciated! Best of luck to you as you continue to trek through your intern year!

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Posted on January 11th, 2017

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