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Now if I said I knew all the answers to being successful on the path to being a physician, I’d be lying to your face. And you’d think I was crazy. You would be right. So I’m not even going to pretend that I have all the answers, because I sure as hell don’t. But I can definitely point you to various resources that you may find useful for you or for one of your friends, which is precisely what I am doing with this page. Listed below are a number of different blogs that have caught my eye in one way or another and I hope that they prove to be helpful in your life in some way! Who knows, you may find some profound inspiration. You may come across the answers you’ve been dying to find. You may even discover a new blog to follow or better yet, luck out and meet a new friend. The choice is yours!

Curve Balls and Med School

Curve Balls and Med School, a blog created by a young medical student attending The Ohio State University College of Medicine, was formed due to her passion for writing and her desire to uplift others that plan on going to medical school. Derin, the creator of this blog, drives this desire home by stating in her own words, “I want to give, just as other have given to me, and teach, just as other have taught me.” In her blog, she talks about her application process, what she did during her gap year, and about her spiritual life, among other things. She also touches on nutrition & fitness, features students in her “Med Student Spotlight” section, and provides some resources for those of you who are deciding on going to medical school. Enjoy browsing through her site!

The Mrs. The Mommy. The M.D.

The Mrs. The Mommy. The M.D. is a blog that was created by a medical student (now a resident) by the name of Jasmine, who also happens to be a wife and a mother to two young children. With this blog, she hopes to inform, inspire and encourage people who are trying to balance their career goals whether they have children or not. Along with detailing her inspiring story, she talks about how she balanced all her responsibilities while attending med school at the Indiana University School of Medicine & how she currently is doing so while she works in her OB/GYN residency program. She also provides a vast amount of useful tips for pre-meds & med students, and she even shares multiple pics/videos of her cute kids! This very popular blog has been around for some time now and generates thousands of views each month, so it’ll absolutely be worthwhile checking it out!

A Little Bit of Lacquer

A Little Bit of Lacquer is a blog created by a Harvard Medical School graduate who is now working as a resident. The creator, who is named Laura, uses her blog as a creative outlet where she can express many of her other interests outside of medicine. Her interests include, but are not limited to photography, cooking, being a mother, art and pretty things. Along with expressing all of these interests in a spectacular fashion on her blog, she also has very valuable posts that cover many aspects of life in the medical field starting from the pre-med years all the way to residency. She even has posts centered on general success that covers topics such as how to deliver a great presentation, the power of mentorship and enjoying the ride of any career path you may choose. This blog has inspired countless people around the world and can potentially inspire you in more ways than one if you choose to check it out! You’re only a click away!

Missionary Orthopod in the Making

Missionary Orthopod in the Making is a blog that was started WAY back in 2004 when the author was an upcoming sophomore in college. The author, who refers to himself as “DoctaJay”, is now a soon-to-be-graduate of the Orthopedic Surgery residency program at Johns Hopkins and attended the Loma Linda University School of Medicine before entering his residency program. He has a massive amount of posts that detail the past twelve years of his intriguing life as a black man in the medical field. He also touches on how his religious beliefs as a Seventh-Day Adventist colors his perspectives on his medical journey, on how research and shadowing opportunities has impacted him over the years and on a variety of non-academic topics. I can guarantee you that this is one roller-coaster of a blog!

Three Thousand Miles

Three Thousand Miles, created by a young medical student by the name of Trisha Therese, is a blog that was created in order to both provide some insight into her life as a medical student and to forge a new creative outlet for herself while remaining true to who she is. Not only does she share her journey through the wonders of attending school in Los Angeles while providing study tips for med students, she also writes posts about various aspects of her lifestyle that you may find applicable for your own life as well as about how faith has helped her get to where she is currently at in her life. Happy clicking!, Social Media’s Leading Physician Voice is a massive blog that was founded by Kevin Pho, MD back in 2004. This distinctive blog is unlike many others on this list due to the fact that over 2,000 authors contribute to this site on a regular basis and that it has been regularly cited in major media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The New York Times and Forbes Magazine. The blog has articles in all types of topics written by nurses, specialist physicians, medical students, primary care doctors, surgeons, policy experts, and even patients just to name a few. Dr. Pho himself is a practicing internal medicine physician, a national media commentator, an author and an acclaimed keynote speaker. My words aren’t doing this incredible blog much justice so do me a favor and just click on the link. You’ll be pretty impressed!

Aspiring Docs Diaries

Aspiring Docs Diaries is a blog sponsored by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). It is a compilation of many different articles and stories written by guest bloggers and serves as a source of inspiration for anyone that aspires to become a physician. This blog promotes diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, religion, socioeconomic status and sexual orientation as well as in experience and perspective. Posts can be found that pertain to pre-med life, life as a medical student, life as a resident, experiences with patient interaction and motivation in general. Definitely one worth checking out!

The White Coat Investor Blog

The White Coat Investor Blog, created by James M. Dahle, MD, FACEP, is a blog that provides a plethora of financial information geared towards practicing physicians as well as those of us who are looking to eventually become physicians. It’s really scary how little most of the general population knows about finances, much less those of us going into the medical field/are in the medical field. Dr. Dahle makes it easy to navigate the many posts on his blog by not only separating them by the level of the financial expertise of the reader, but by categorizing them in other useful ways as well as archiving them. He even has a whole section full of useful recommendations for a variety of things. I’ve talked about this blog before in my Money Talk, Challenges, & Code Black post, but I feel that the information on this website is WAY too crucial to not add to this list of useful blogs. Bottom line is, this is DEFINITELY worth taking a look at!

Aspiring Minority Doctor

Aspiring Minority Doctor is a blog that was created by Danielle Ward, a medical student attending the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine – Georgia Campus, who also happens to be the 2017-2018 National President of the Student National Medical Association! Aspiring Minority Doctor serves as a source of encouragement and inspiration for those on a similar path as her who would like someone to relate to and she also created this blog in order to highlight minority women in osteopathic medicine, as well as to document her unique journey through medical school as a single mother. The various sections on her blog, which include “Atypical PreMed“, “Minority Women in Medicine“, and “Surviving Medical School“, have been tailored to provide perspective and advice to pre-meds and medical students alike! She has a great amount of insight and knowledge to share, so I would definitely recommend checking this site out!

Black Girl, White Coat

Black Girl, White Coat is a motivational YouTube vlog that was created by Sandra Coker, a medical student attending McGovern Medical School. Created at the beginning of her first year of medical school, this vlog aims to motivate, advise and help anyone thinking about pursuing a career in the medical field. She shares multiple personal experiences on her platform in an effort to be as transparent as possible about her life as a medical student and she also provides a large amount of advice to her viewers on various topics! She even brings in guests on some of her episodes to help share important information from different perspectives! She has a rapidly growing number of viewers and subscribers, and I definitely recommend that you check her videos out. I was not disappointed one bit after I subscribed to her channel and I can assure you that you won't be either! She has also launched a website that can be found here!

White Coat Dreams

White Coat Dreams is a blog created by a Physician Assistant student named Amber Henry, who is currently training at the South University Physician Assistant Program. The main purpose of White Coat Dreams is to reflect on her personal journey through PA school as well as into her career as a PA. Along with reading her reflections, you’ll find some helpful information on her website such as tips for pre-PA students, study tips, and #WomanCrushWednesday features, where she highlights some women in the field of healthcare. She has some great content to check out!

Uniquely Mickie

Uniquely Mickie, created by a PharmD student named Makaela Premont, is a blog that is dedicated to highlighting a variety of topics from her perspective. Some of these topics include tips and tricks of acing the college lifestyle on a budget, fashion, the beauty of growth, and her own personal experiences as she lives out her everyday life. The link above takes you to one of her pages that offers advice specific to those of you who are interested in a career in Pharmacy. Take a look at the info that she shares on the page!

Aisha SRNA

Aisha SRNA is a popular YouTube vlog series produced by Aisha Allen, a DNP CRNA student. This YouTube channel is full of videos describing her experiences as a student studying to become a Nurse Anesthetist as well as various tips on a variety of topics like note-taking, studying for exams, starting off CRNA school the right way and getting into CRNA school. There’s a lot of good information on her page whether you want to pursue the path she is on, pursue an alternate path in healthcare or are just intrigued with what a Nurse Anesthetist is. Go on and check it out!

PT Passages

PT Passages, a blog created by a Doctor of Physical Therapy by the name of Amanda Brimmage, was initially created when she was a DPT student in order to answer the most frequent questions that she received from people regarding a career in Physical Therapy. After subsequently developing a passion for blogging, she decided to expand the content of her platform to include travel experiences, lifestyle tips, and inspiration to those sharing similar interests as her. She has shared a lot of useful information on her website for you to learn from (click here if you’re interested in PT school) as well as some personal experiences for your enjoyment, so don’t be shy! Go ahead and check her site out!

The Balancing Act

The Balancing Act is a blog that was created by a medical student attending the Medical College of Georgia named Ijeoma Okoye. She created this blog soon after her first year of medical school in order to share stories of how she and other medical students are able to maintain balance in their lives. Along with sharing these reassuring stories, she has the goal of sharing with her readers her personality, explorations and interests. With posts such as “The Meaning Behind My Name” and “How I Used My Voice To Make A Different At My School”, there is ample content to keep you intrigued about this soon-to-be physician!

Melanin Doc

Melanin Doc, created by a medical student named Randy Obi, is a platform found on both Instagram and Facebook that works to “shine a light on one dimension of Black Excellence” by featuring numerous Black students and professionals who are studying and/or working in the field of healthcare. Established in 2016, Melanin Doc has amassed a massive following on social media, with well over 40,000 people following its Instagram page. If you aren’t already following the page, I recommend you do so! You’re bound to get several jolts of inspiration by reading some of the features that have been already posted!

Réseau Docteur

Réseau Docteur is a non-profit organization that primarily works to connect minority professionals to one another. This subsidiary of Minority Professionals, LLC does an awesome job in highlighting a large number of minority students and professionals who study and work in both the fields of law and healthcare. This entity has a substantial following on its social media, with almost 80,000 people following its Instagram page. Do yourself a favor and follow this page if you don’t already! There are more than enough motivational posts to get inspired from!

Inspire Hope

Inspire Hope is a YouTube Channel created by Jessica Muñoz, a medical student studying at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. On her channel, Jessica shares personal stories in order to help inspire students from all walks of life to endure the struggles that come with being a student studying to reach a specific goal. Some of the videos that she has recorded reflect on topics like dealing with failure, facing fears and how she perseveres through medical school. I’m sure that you’ll have something to take away from her videos!

Saber & A Stethoscope

Saber & A Stethoscope is a blog created by an MD/MBA student at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School named Kamali Thompson, who also just so happens to be an internationally ranked fencer for Team USA! Her unique blog is full of posts regarding her personal life, fencing, business school, medical school advice and her ability to balance training for the Olympics with studying to become an orthopedic surgeon. There is a lot of high-quality content on this blog, so take a few minutes to check it out!

The Encouraging Doc

The Encouraging Doc is a blog that was created by Dr. Nina Lum, a hospitalist who also loves to write on topics such as advice for foreign medical graduates, finances, health & wellness and general life lessons from her own experiences. In addition to creating content regarding these topics, she writes about her relationship with God and likes to share photos from her exciting travel experiences. The lessons and resources that she shares with us in her posts are excellent to learn from and if you take some time to check her site out, you’ll see what I mean!


MentorMeMD is a blog that was originally created to share the author’s journey through medical school and residency. Curated by Dr. Usiwoma Abugo, an oculoplastic surgeon, the blog has evolved into a medical mentoring forum where she dishes out helpful advice and talks about a wide variety of things ranging from health and fitness to fashion and food. The ultimate goal of her online presence is to “be that social media presence that existed when [she] was looking for a mentor.” With that in mind, she works to help those who are looking for a mentor in whatever field they are looking to enter. Who knows, she may end up helping you find the mentor you’ve been looking for!

Fearlessly Oma

Fearlessly Oma, a blog created by a Med-Peds resident by the name of Dr. Vanessa Nwaozo, boldly delves into the life of the author and gives the reader a wide array of posts to choose from, including general life tips, health & wellness, fashion and travel. The blog also offers inspiration and works to convince you why mastering your fears is such a great idea. She ultimately wants you to find comfort on her blog, so check it out if you’re looking for some!

Paging. Dr. Dre

Paging. Dr. Dre is a popular website that was created by Dr. Andrea Alexander, an Ob/Gyn resident who loves to write posts about topics such as hair, food, fitness, and life in medicine.  Although the content on her blog moreso encompasses who she is outside of medicine, she has some gems that we could all take from her posts and apply to our everyday lives. In addition, Dr. Alexander has a HUGE following on social media, with over 110K people following her on Instagram! Whether you visit her blog or decide to follow her on social media, I’m sure that you’ll gain something from the content that she puts out into the world!

Stilettos + Stethoscopes

Stilettos + Stethoscopes is a blog created by Dr. Ajibike Lapite, a pediatric resident physician at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She decided to start her blog back in college during her medical school application cycle so that she could reflect on her experiences at the time. Since then, her blog has transformed into a platform where she has been able to share not only her experiences throughout medical school and residency, but also some helpful advice for those who may need it. With various sections on her blog like “How to Survive Medical School”, “Lessons from the Wards”, and “Pep Talk for Premeds”, Dr. Lapite really takes the time to produce and deliver valuable information that can end up being very beneficial for either you or someone that you may know!

Fifteen Blades

Fifteen Blades, created by Dr. Rola Rabah, is a website dedicated to inspiring women in medicine (“especially those who love surgery”) to really embrace their love of medicine along with their love of being a woman and to not make those two things mutually exclusive. On her site, she describes her incredible journey to her very unique position as an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Resident who is also currently in medical school. Yeah I know, trippy right? You’re going to have to read her About Me section to begin to even try and understand what I’m talking about. She also has sections on her blog about her life both in and out of the White Coat, thus pushing her mission of embracing all parts of her life forward. With a remarkable social media presence (she has over 44,000 followers on Instagram) coupled with the awesome content she shares on her blog, there’s a very good chance that she will end up impressing many of you!

Andrea Tooley M.D.

Andrea Tooley M.D. is a YouTube channel that was created by Dr. Tooley, an Ophthalmologist who completed her residency at Mayo Clinic. Through her videos, she talks about enjoying the journey towards becoming a physician while at the same time giving helpful tips and pearls of wisdom to both pre-medical and medical students. Her social media presence is further strengthened by her Instagram following of almost 45,000 followers, proving that many people find her content valuable! Take a few minutes to check out what she has produced on her channel over the years!