Residency: Intern Year

The Transition

  1. Life After Graduation
  2. The Dawn Of A New Era


  1. The “Best Start To Intern Year” Award Goes To…
  2. Double Down & Level Up
  3. Life On The Night Shift
  4. You Can Call Me “Dr. Dub”
  5. Life On The Learning Curve
  6. Trusting The Process


  1. The Marathon Continues
  2. Stuck In The Grind
  3. More Life II Live
  4. Switching Back Into The Fast Lane
  5. Expecting The Unexpected


  1. An Audacious Decade
  2. A Sick Start
  3. The Fire Within
  4. Crossing A Milestone


  1. An Aura of Uncertainty
  2. Blessings From A Distance
  3. Working In A Smaller World
  4. The Insidiousness of Burnout
  5. The Duality of Weariness & Hope
  6. The Impact of Self-Awareness

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