Medical School: Year Three

Internal Medicine

  1. Beginning A New Lifestyle
  2. Moment of Clarity
  3. Grindin’ With Appreciation
  4. Letter to Grandma
  5. Same Building, Different Views.
  6. Moving Along With Time
  7. Facing Tranquility
  8. Appreciation of Life
  9. Shifting Setbacks
  10. Taking Control
  11. Focusing On The Vision
  12. On To The Next One

Obstetrics & Gynecology

  1. New Expectations
  2. Demystifying The Unexposed
  3. More Life
  4. From Past To Present
  5. Life Comes At You Fast
  6. Switch Up
  7. Unbroken.


  1. Christel Luhhh The Kids!
  2. Everyday I’m Hustlin’
  3. How Did I End Up Here?
  4. Back To Basics
  5. New Kids On The Block
  6. Christel Wekon-Kemeni, (5/8) M.D.


  1. Shattered Hope
  2. Mind Trip
  3. Full Speed Ahead!
  4. You Think You Got It Bad?
  5. Time Stops For No One


  1. Stroke of Misfortune
  2. Dashing Thru Neuro
  3. Reflections.
  4. Starting Off Strong!
  5. Rude Awakening
  6. A Different World


  1. Unanticipated Enthusiasm
  2. Marathon Days
  3. Setting Sights On Free Time
  4. Reshaping The Vision
  5. Time Is Slipping Away…
  6. High Noon
  7. Time Is Of The Essence
  8. Revvin’ Up The Momentum

Family Medicine

  1. The Spirit of Ambition
  2. Life On The West Side
  3. Way Too Fast
  4. One Last Ride

Emergency Medicine

  1. Life In The Fast Lane
  2. Sifting Through Chaos
  4. Christel Wekon-Kemeni, (3/4) M.D.

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