Medical School: Year Two

Fall Semester

  1. Bloody Start
  2. Shifting Gears
  3. Makin’ Moves
  4. Steady Beat of Life
  5. Pumping Against The Pressure
  6. Hope On The Horizon
  7. Tori’s Spirit
  8. Breathe In, Breathe Out.
  9. Growing Pains
  10. Putting It All Together
  11. Sessions.
  12. City Boy Back In A Country World
  13. Fulfilling Opportunities
  14. The Power of Discussions
  15. Sickening Reality
  16. Keep Ya Head Up
  17. Eye of the Hurricane
  18. The Five-Day Block.
  19. The Joy of Resilience
  20. Christel Wekon-Kemeni, (3/8) M.D.
  21. Holiday Cheer!

Spring Semester

  1. New Year, Harder Hustle.
  2. Straight Grindin’
  3. Keeping Steady as Time Flies
  4. Resisting The System
  5. Vision Within Division
  6. Switching Up The Scenery
  7. Strange Love
  8. War On Ignorance
  9. Crunch Time
  10. Stepping Into Step
  11. No Time For Baby Steps
  12. Stepping Towards Improvement
  13. Appreciating the Steps to Step
  14. Stepping Up To The Pressure
  15. Stepping Into The Light
  16. Life After Step
  17. Entering A New Dimension
  18. Apprehensive Excitement
  19. Closing Of A Chapter
  20. Christel Wekon-Kemeni, (1/2) M.D.

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