Medical School: Year Four

Step Study Block

  1. Stepping Back Into Step
  2. Déjà Vu
  3. Gaining Ground
  4. Stepping To The Finish Line
  5. Life After Step II

Victory Junction Summer Camp

  1. Second Time’s The Charm
  2. The Strength of Endurance
  3. Life In A Cheat Code
  4. In My Feelings
  5. Unforgettable Memories

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

  1. A Smaller World
  2. Lessons In The NICU
  3. Ready Or Not
  4. Golden Opportunities

Pediatrics Hematology/Oncology Acting Internship

  1. The Little Things In Life
  2. Life Can Be So Unfair
  3. Leap Of Faith
  4. State Of Emergency

Children’s National Medical Center Allergy & Immunology Away Elective

  1. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
  2. Life In The Capital
  3. Hitting My Stride
  4. The Power of Adaptability
  5. D.C. To Philly

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Pediatrics Sub-Internship

  1. New City, New Flow
  2. Evolution.
  3. Workin’ Day & Night
  4. Christel Wekon-Kemeni, (7/8) M.D.

Flex Block #1

  1. Shifting Into High Gear
  2. Blazing The Trail
  3. Riding It Out
  4. Coming Full Circle
  5. Kickin’ Back
  6. The Start of Something New

Anesthesia Acting Internship

  1. Fresh Start
  2. When Life Gives You Lemons…
  3. The Influence of Racism
  4. Final Quarter

Immigrant Health/Public Health Elective

  1. A Different Angle
  2. The Impact of A Decision
  3. The Waiting Game Begins…
  4. Final Rotation

Diagnostic Radiology

  1. Scanning The Future
  2. MATCH MADNESS: The Anticipation
  3. MATCH MADNESS: The Outcome
  4. Life After Match Day

Flex Block #2

  1. Marching Into Opportunity
  2. Excursions, Freedom, & Inspiration
  3. Preparations.
  4. The Marvels of Leadership

The Finale

  1. The Beginning of A Surreal Transition
  2. Ending Medical School
  3. A Bright Future
  4. Christel Wekon-Kemeni, M.D.

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