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I'm sure you're well aware of the vast underrepresentation of minority populations in the field of healthcare. I'm also sure you know how essential a diverse workforce is to providing excellent healthcare to the diverse array of patients who make up this country. However, as the links provided at the bottom of this page show, the percentage of minority physicians in America does not correlate well with the percentage of the minority population living in America. This could be said for just about any other professional field in healthcare outside of medicine. The only way to increase the level of diversity in the field of healthcare is to recruit more students of underrepresented populations to careers in healthcare. In order for this to be truly effective, pre-health students need to be able to see people who look like them already living out the goals that they wish to achieve.

Representation Truly Matters. 

Because I fully believe in the power of representation, I've decided to start this series of Health Career Spotlights, where I'll be routinely featuring underrepresented students and professionals who are studying and/or working in the field of healthcare. My hope is that these features will work to inspire pre-health students hoping to land a career in healthcare and that they'll show them how possible it is for people who look like them to be successful, especially in this challenging field! I also want to show the world just how dedicated we are to breaking negative stereotypes as well as how determined we are to shifting the unconscious biases that a number of people in this country have of minority populations! I hope that this ends up having a positive impact on you!

*As more people are featured in this series, more links will show up!*



If you're an underrepresented student or professional studying and/or working in the field of healthcare and are interested in having a feature, please let me know by emailing! You can also click on one of the links below that best describes you!

Health Career Spotlights: Feature Link For Students

Health Career Spotlights: Feature Link For Professionals

Thank you for your support in the movement!

Links Stressing The Pertinence of Diversity in Healthcare 

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  1. I do believe that more minorties should become physicians. But how do we truely recruit and retain medical students….. I believe it begins in the education system. See minority science teachers in the classroom was and still is a nolvety to me. As we make it to our desitanation we have to reach back and educate! Go hard!

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