First Exam Down!

So I took my first anatomy exam last Friday…

And it actually wasn't that bad! As a matter of fact, out of the 120 questions that were on the written portion, I felt unsure about 20 questions at most, which means there's a great chance I passed! And the practical portion was pretty straightforward too, much better than I expected. And there were hella CT scan questions, something I literally reviewed for the first time the day before…God was looking out y'all. Thanks for all the prayers y'all lol. So with that out of the way, my weekend has been pretty chill overall. Got to go out for a lil bit last night and also got to get some late night iHop…it reminded me of college. I freakin' miss undergrad man. Also saw The Perfect Guy with Morris Chestnut, Michael Ealy and bad-ass Sanaa Lathan. That movie was too much 😂. Too bad the weekend is already all over now and that the whole study cycle is about to start all over again tomorrow. These next three weeks are going to be all about the abdomen and the pelvic area.


Plus this week is about to be 8-5 days pretty much every day. I have seven lectures, five labs, a case-centered learning session, a clinical skills foundation session, and an ethics in medicine discussion. Why they doing this to us man? How TF am I supposed to review and study my lectures everyday and get adequate sleep if we got all this other stuff going on? They really tryna make us embrace the skill of time management…or maybe they're secretly enjoying watching us struggle on a day-to-day basis. I've personally been slowly increasing my coffee intake too (free coffee at my apartment complex has been hella clutch). Guess I just gotta make it all work some way, shape or form. Nobody said becoming a doctor was easy.

On another note, having lunch with Dr. Damon Tweedy right after my anatomy exam was fantastic. We all talked about how although black female enrollment to medical schools has more than doubled since 1978, black male enrollment to medical schools has decreased nationwide since then. We discussed reasons as to why that may be happening and also possible ways to fix that. He also talked to us about some interesting aspects of his life and how he came to writing the book “Black Man in a White Coat”, a book that I ended up buying and getting signed by him. He ended up being a pretty cool guy and is tall as hell too (6'6). He also apparently was pretty personal in the book, so I'm definitely gonna give that book a read whenever I get a chance. It's also obviously pretty applicable to me since I AM a black man trying to earn my white coat.

So yeah, now I gotta cook some pasta or something for dinner and get ready for this packed week ahead of me. Gotta keep pushing if I want to be the best physician I can be! Y'all stay up!

– Black Man, M.D.

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