The Voting Round Of The 2022 Desire To Inspire Scholarship

Thank you to everyone who applied to The 2022 Desire To Inspire Scholarship!

We received a lot of incredible applications for the scholarship and learned not only all of the wonderful things that the applicants are doing at their respective schools and in their communities across the nation, but also what inspiration meant to these amazing students and how they are actively inspiring others around them on a regular basis. While we wish we could award many of our applicants some scholarship money, the scholarship can ultimately only go to three people!

Out of the 300+ applicants who applied for the scholarship, the five applicants with the highest averaged scores were selected to advance to the voting round, where their application answers will be read and voted upon by the public. As stated on the main page of The Desire To Inspire Scholarship, the outcome of this voting competition will constitute 10% of the applicant’s overall score, with the judges’ scores constituting 90% of the overall score. This means that it is possible for an applicant to win the voting competition, but not the scholarship overall. But on the other hand, it is also very possible for the voting competition to help give the boost an applicant may need to win the scholarship!

The purpose of this competition is to not only give the public the chance to actively participate in a scholarship process that was funded by them, but also to provide these incredible students a way to share with the world what they are doing to inspire others around them!

Below, you will find the finalists of The 2022 Desire To Inspire Scholarship!

To read their application answers, just click on each of their names below the row of headshots! Once you decide who you want to vote for, just click the button next to their name on the poll! You only get one vote and you can’t change it once you cast it, so be sure to choose wisely!

From Left To Right:

1. Richael Saka – Columbus, OH – Dream College: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2. Dana Garibaldi – McAllen, TX – Dream College: Harvard University

3. Nicole Listopad – Parkland, FL – Dream College: University of Florida

4. Kendall Ford – Jacksonville, FL – Dream College: Duke University

5. Camila Marmolejo – San Diego, CA – Dream College: Harvard University

Good luck to all of the finalists! And to all of the other scholarship applicants, please keep up the fantastic work! You are all doing amazing things at such a young age and have such bright futures ahead of you! The world needs more people like you! Best of luck to you on all of your future endeavors!

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