I’m Actually Starting Medical School…


I never thought that I would be starting a blog…I really don't know what compelled me to begin this. I don't know if I'm supposed to be recording a stream of thoughts or telling a story or recounting my day…hell, I don't even know who I'm writing to. I may end up being an interesting read to a multitude of people or I may even inspire a couple of people.

Or I could just be talking to myself.

But regardless…here I am.

I figured that since I am finally starting medical school, I might as well record some of my experiences throughout my journey to becoming a medical doctor. Kinda like a journal of some sort, you know? Something to look back at in the future and be like:

“Damn I remember that!”


“Wow, what the hell was I thinking?”.

Writing this could also serve as a catharsis from the difficulties and struggles of med school that I've heard so much about throughout my life. I guess I pretty much answered my own question as to why I was compelled to begin this. It kind of feels cliche doing this…but then again, how many black guys do you see writing a blog, not to mention a black young man about to start medical school? It feels weird writing this, like I NEVER imagined myself to be a blog writer…but here I am starting this blog as I'm laughing at reruns of Martin while anticipating the beginning a journey that will have an enormous impact on not only my life but the lives of those that I plan on saving in the future. I guess I can be here to offer an unusual perspective of medical school as well as to encourage students out there that plan on becoming doctors one day and have to get through the headaches of the application process as well as the MCAT (Dear GOD I HATED THAT TEST). Or I can just be writing this to release any pent-up emotions that I may accumulate while in school…OR like I said earlier, I could just be talking to myself.

Regardless, I know I'm blessed to be in the position that I'm in and I'm looking forward to trailblazing my path in medicine. Thanks to God, my family, my friends and my support system, I am where I am today. If anyone out there happens to stumble upon this post, I hope that you find what I will have to talk about in the future interesting and that you have a good time reading my posts.

If no one ends up reading this…


I'm gonna kick some ass in medical school anyway.

– Black Man, M.D.  (Not an M.D. yet, but you gotta speak your dreams to existence right?)

2 thoughts on “I’m Actually Starting Medical School…

  1. Im seriously excited that you have cataloged your med school experience and cannot wait to read about your journey. You are not talking to yourself! Although by now, I’m sure you know this. Thanks in advance for sharing. I pray to be on the other side of this MCAT and application process in the near future! Thank you for listening 🤓😜☺️

    1. Haha no problem and thanks a ton for taking the time to read what I have to say about my journey! I really appreciate it! 😄 And you’ll get to the other side! Just stay strong, stay motivated, keep working hard and keep in contact with those who care about you and you’ll do well!

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