About Black Man, M.D.

Why did I decide to create “Black Man, M.D.”?

  • To help crush negative stereotypes.
  • To help air my thoughts out as I happily trudged thru medical school and to share my ongoing story with whoever cares to listen.
  • To help keep me sane throughout this brutal, yet rewarding journey.
  • To help quell the fears of many students out there who have dreams of obtaining a medical degree, but don’t know what to expect in medical school.
  • To help create an online presence for men, especially minority men, looking to enter the medical field.
  • To provide a unique and not-too-commonly heard perspective of medical school.
  • To provide a more optimistic outlook of life as a medical school student, in contrast to the negative reputation it commonly receives from a large number of people.
  • To prove that you can still live a great and exciting life even as a medical student. No need to make yourself miserable.
  • To try and catalyze positive thinking in the minds of the readers.
  • To represent the fact that I was a young, Black man working to become a physician as well as the fact that I was just like any other medical student with a story and a background.
  • To hopefully serve as some type of inspiration to the readers, whether or not they want to enter the medical field.
  • To provide a source of genuine entertainment for both myself and the readers.

Now as for myself, I’m a first-generation American with Cameroonian roots who was born in Boston and raised in Virginia. I attended college at the University of Miami and earned my medical degree from the Wake Forest School of Medicine. I am now a third-year Pediatric Resident at the University of North Carolina. Feel free to join me as I vibe on this ride we call life.

If you would like to reach me for whatever reason, feel free to contact me at inspire@blackmanmd.com. Or just leave a comment on any of my posts!

Below, you’ll find links that can connect you to some other websites that I’ve been featured on so far!

How They Asked: Erika & Christel’s Story

Melanites: #MelanitesMen Feature Series

KevinMD: How A Symbol Influenced This Patient Encounter

Daily Medicine Blog: Video Interview w/ Black Man, M.D.

Student Doctor Angela: Blogger Spotlight: Black Man, M.D.

Wake Forest SOM Office of Philanthropy: Scholarship Video Feature

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine: Future Doc Series

Melan-In-White Coats Podcast Interview: Cultivating Passions In Medical School

I AM CEO Podcast Interview: Physician Inspires Those Aspiring To Enter Healthcare Field

Coloring Health Policy Podcast Interview: Ending Racial Disparity With A Desire To Inspire

UNC Office of Graduate Medical Education: Residency Recruitment Video

And last but not least, here’s a link to a parody I penned early on in medical school. I was inspired by Drake and Step 1. Just to warn you, there’s a good chance you’ll laugh! 😂


34 thoughts on “About Black Man, M.D.

  1. This is so dope!!! Our black man can be and do anything and you are living proof. I have so much love and respect for black men and I love seeing them beat stereotypes! I’m super excited to read more of your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Came here from Imperfectly Dr. Jay! You have a great blog, I definitely agree that there is a huge lack of minority male in medical school online, you have a strong platform to share so use it your advantage! I am a medical student as well and I love what you have going here, good luck to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awesome! I’m happy to hear that you were able to find my blog from Dr. Jay! And I really appreciate your kind words; I’m just tryna spark a bit of change out here! Good luck to you too and I’ll be checking out your blog as well! 😉


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